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City to borrow $46 million, but incurring this debt won’t require voter approval

October 15, 2018

By Elaine Goodman,
Daily Post Correspondent.

The Palo Alto City Council tonight (Oct. 15) will consider a plan for financing construction of a $45.8 million parking garage in the California Avenue district, using a process that doesn’t involve voter approval.

Under the financing method, called Certificates of Participation, or COPs, the city would lease some of its property to the Palo Alto Public Improvement Corp., an entity formed by the city in 1983 to serve as an intermediary in financing activities. The Public Improvement Corp.’s board consists of the city council’s members.

The leased property would be the parking garage itself after construction is complete; before then, the leased property would likely be the Rinconada Library, according to a report to the council from City Manager Jim Keene.

After leasing the property, Palo Alto Public Improvement Corp. would then lease the property back to the city. Investors who buy the certificates of participation would be paid with a portion of the lease payments.
Money for the lease payments — an estimated $2.417 million per year for 30 years — would come from the city’s General Fund. Voter approval is not needed to sell Certificates of Participation.